Discipline Faculty

Ecollect: Jute Organizers for People at Work

Ashmika Beohar

Amit Sinha

Jute Design Cell, an innovation center for natural fibre at NID, is a setup to create and innovate diversified jute products, preferred by industries registered under the National Jute Board (NJB). The need was to design organizers for space, using jute as a dominant material, to enable jute industries to attract the foreign market.Ashmika pervaded the importance of ‘act of organizing’ in an individual’s life to eliminate negative environmental impact, through skillful, sensitive designs.
Qualitative analysis, data and literature reviews were done through resources like books, research papers, journals, reports and e-data sources. Psychographics, buying patterns and demographics were studied to understand space issues. The core was to manage space in an eco-friendly fashion without increasing storage. Ashmika’s purpose was to drive innovation, quality improvement, energy savings and revenue growth through sustainability and improve people’s productivity and perseverance.