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Collection for Silverline Jewellery

Swasti Sharma

Sonal Chauhan

The project centred on creating two different collections for a new retail label to be launched by Silverline Jewellery. The label aimed to feature a thoughtful, contemporary designs and quality craftsmanship at affordable prices.The objective was to redefine conventional norms and make people appreciate the craft of jewellery making, whilst also providing them with designs that were thoughtfully handcrafted and transcended style and cultural boundaries.
Swasti carried out extensive research to narrow down the design requirements. Mock ups were used to tangibly resolve concepts. Each collection contained ten to twelve pieces designed mainly in silver. The first collection drew inspiration from space, incorporating aspects like multi-dimensionality with basic geometric shapes and creating balanced and harmonious forms. The second collection was inspired by the lotus flower and aimed to capture its essence by creating the lotus with a modern and contemporary look. The pieces were sculptural and organic, yet simplistic in nature.