Discipline Faculty

Visual System Design for IIJS Signature 2018

Pooja Narayan Pake

Dr Tridha Gajjar

Through her project with Lemon Design Pvt. Ltd., Pooja created the visual system design for a jewellery exhibition, IIJS Signature 2018 held in Mumbai, with the objective of establishing the visual language for the environment as well as the event. IIJS is positioned as a high-end show where only selected exhibitors and international delegates are invited. The design included environmental graphics for the event and creation of a contemporary Indian experience for visitors. The visual language designed, was applied across various mediums such as print collaterals, structures, stalls, signages, banners, promotional material and other extensions.
The design process included conceptualization, production supervision and final execution. The pattern used throughout the exhibition was inspired by crafts of India. The design was applied on various surfaces with different print techniques giving each design a unique look while maintaining the harmony of the entire space. A digitally interactive futuristic approach for upcoming shows was also explored.