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Indianizing Android: Developing the Android Mobile O.S. Experience for the Next Billion Users in India

Suneet Kumar

S Guruprasad

Developing a conceptual framework, to identify the needs of the next billion Android users, was the graduation project taken up by Suneet. He generated insights for a contextualized Android experience by studying the evolution of Android and market conditions of smartphones in India. Identification of gaps and opportunities led him to make special designing teams by conducting literature reviews. He tested the data collected in Bihar through interviews, metaphorical stories, contextual inquiries and surveys.
The data was analyzed contextually while mapping and evaluating the framework. Being a self-sponsored project, the scope for validation could be judged through the derivative insights for exploring the future directions and potential offerings of Android in India. While developing the framework, Suneet realized that Android should be designed to adapt to paradigm shifts in human-computer interactions through AI. The conclusions from his research also emphasized the role of ethical technology in generating the next level Android experience for users in India.