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Here-In-Time: Project H-In-T

Akshita Mehta

Suvani Suri

In this digital age, heritage places preserved for posterity have little meaning besides their grand presence. One cannot really experience their true past grandeur through just a visit. Immersive technology has achieved sustained momentum and is now being applied to many domains to create unforeseen embodied experiences. Through her project ‘Here-In-Time’, supported by the Prince Claus Fund and British Council, Akshita investigated if such a technology could be applied to heritage to enable a positive association with the past.
Project Here-In-Time was an exploration of creating an immersive on-site mixed reality heritage experience, in the form of a treasure hunt styled trivia game that enabled the visitor to explore the heritage site in a unique and engaging manner. The project site used was the Qutub Minar Complex in Delhi and the technology used was ARCore. This led to making the project even more challenging; eventually leading to greater understanding of the mixed reality medium.