Discipline Faculty

Woven Furniture

Anshul Goyal

Pravinsinh Solanki

The brief was to design a contemporary range of traditional furniture for transients, combining reclaimed wood and textiles, with beautiful, delicate details. Each piece of the collection was crafted with a lot of love and a great sense of purpose, to bring the audience in contact with distant realities such as where the product was made, who made them and the memories that inspired its genesis. Thus, values such as ethics, ecology and sustainable development were made more coherent.
The first design was a coffee table or pinjara which juxtaposed the cultural background of Indo-Islamic architecture with the contemporary Japandi mould adding aesthetic appeal and drama to product. The second design was an atelier round table which showcased an enchanting fusion of contemporary art, patterns and form. The designs aimed to be material and labor-intensive to create employment opportunities for artisans at the grass root level.