Discipline Faculty

Ode to Broken Things

Shiv Verma

Dr. Shilpa Das

The difference between real life and cinema is that, the latter follows a pre-destined path prescribed by the writer, for the characters to tread on, to make the story worthwhile for the viewer. However, Shiv was drawn towards exploring a film that did not have a clear protagonist, antagonist or a catharsis, as many claim an ideal film should have. His objective was to make a film that mirrored life and its many vicissitudes.
This thought led Shiv to explore the untouched and delicate subject of Autism and the lives of differently abled children with sexual needs. The film showcases a day in the lives of Santosh, a man in his mid-40s and his 20-year-old profoundly autistic son Daksh, who share a bond of extreme comfort stripped of any inhibition. Daily interactions between father and son and the impact of their relationship on other relationships in their lives, form the crux of the film.