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Riti Sengupta

Rishi Singhal

The project focused on the two ideas central to the Gorkhaland movement in Darjeeling; the Gorkha identity and the struggle for a political space for the legitimization of that identity. The objective of the project was to photograph important manifestations of their cultural identity, such as literature and poetry as well as their socio-political history. The process involved collecting snippets of information about the land, its history, the people and their identities through interactions with the local population.
Exploring the aspirations of the people and the uncertainty in their everyday lives, led to understanding their despair as closely as experiencing their celebrations. These experiences prompted Riti to photograph the Gorkha community with a fresh perspective. Visual interpretations of songs and poetry were used as parts of the narrative. The photographs in the project are not just an outcome of her personal experiences in the region, but also a commentary on the times we live in.