Discipline Faculty

Subramanyam: Fiction

Satya Satya Sreenivasa

Prahlad Gopakumar

The film revolves around Subramanyam, a 29-year-old man who works as a supervisor in a small city. He gets tired of his routine job and keeps dreaming about his village, which he had left ten years ago to find an office job. Even after ten years, he is still working at a lower level and desperately hoping to become a manager, even though everybody around him is asking him to get his hopes higher.
One day, he comes to know that the senior management has given the post to somebody from their community, so he screams at his boss and storms out of the office. Subramanyam decides to go back to his village, only to find that his village has now become unrecognizable. The rural area had now become a part of an ever-expanding city with buildings as high as the sky and Subramanyam goes around in search for his village.