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Shreya Jakhar

Sathyanand Mohan

Garasias are an indigenous tribe inhabiting the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. A brief encounter with the Garasia women encouraged Shreya to explore this community and their art and cultural practices. This resulted in the creation of an incredible visual output documenting their families, everyday life, conversations, festivals and so forth. Families and their personal spaces were photographed with the intent to portray the family structure as well as the patriarchal kinship system.
Some stunning photographs captured the essence of the unique tradition of marriage in the tribe. Portraits of women of different age groups were included to capture the innocence of the tribal girls and women. They gave a glimpse into their attitudes towards their families, work and nature, thereby bringing out a very different perspective about life in tribal communities. The photo project chronicles the lives of the Garasia women and the community that they are a part of.