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Saravana Bharathi S

Rishi Singhal

The two thousand years old Tamil Sangam poetry divides the land of ancient Tamils into five physiographic regions, of which ‘Neytal’ which means seashore is one. These five land divisions were based on topography as well as the ethnography of residents. Neytal poetry describes the longing and anxious wailing of the women folk for their men gone to sea. Even today, the landscape faces a number of problems, affirming the uncertainty of lives and livelihoods, which reflects in its elaborate poetical description.
From tranquility to violence, the physical landscape lends its emotions to its inhabitants and in turn, reflects theirs. It could therefore be considered a manifestation of the psychological landscape of the people and this is what Saravana has explored through photographs. Short graphic narratives
also offer glimpses of the fisher-folk way of life. Gut-wrenching interviews with bereaved families in the wake of Cyclone Ockhi which hit numerous coastal regions including Tamil Nadu, became the catalyst for the project.