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Terracotta Souvenir for Kerala

Nidhin Tikhe

Neelima Hasija

Through his self-sponsored graduation project, Nidhin designed Terracotta souvenirs for Kerala. Terracotta was his definitive choice of material, due to its abundant availability and sustainable nature. The initial research identified two clusters practicing the craft in Kerala, followed by study of artisans’ production techniques in Ahmedabad. Kerala sees a high influx of tourists every year and is a gold mine of the tourism industry in India. This was the primal reason Nidhin chose the sector for his design brief and the elements of souvenirs as his challenge for the graduation project.
The next phase of the project included sketching and ideation, focusing on the technical aspects of production. Nidhin’s explorations with table top accessories helped him choose Kathakali as his inspiration. Five products were finalized and completed with dimensions and detailing. The first range of prototypes were tested through different phases and design refinements were done based on inputs that were received.