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Transient Mothers

Swasti Bharti

Rishi Singhal

Through her graduation project, Swasti delved into the world of transient or surrogate mothers. Even though it is a morally gray area, surrogacy was the source of income for plenty of women in India. The photo document is a study of these surrogate mothers and their immediate surroundings. It looks at their lives and the space that they transiently call home, just as they transiently become the mothers of the children they carry.
A multitude of questions surround both the process and the participants. In an attempt to find answers, Swasti contacted many surrogates and found that most were born in rural areas, not well-educated and married off early. With grossly insufficient family incomes, surrogacy became a tool to support their livelihood. The burning question that remained was, whether it is acceptable for a biological, organic and extremely personal process, to end up becoming mechanical; engaging multiple players and entailing multiple procedures.