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Scandinavian Style Home Furniture

Sunayna Patil

P Rama Krishna Rao

The minimalist style of Scandinavian design emerged during the 1930s and promoted simplistic ways of living. The minimalist philosophy emphasized clean lines and simple designs that were inspired by nature. It promoted beautiful designs and quality, sustainable products that were affordable and easily accessible to people in all walks of life. With time, the look evolved into simply designed furniture with bright, neutral walls and floors, warm woods and textured natural textiles.
Sunayna’s brief was to design and develop a six-seater dining table set and a lounge chair, inspired by Scandinavian style furniture. The design process included brainstorming and research techniques followed by ideation and concept development. Sketch modelling and presentation models were created keeping in mind human measurements and ergonomics. The final collection of products consisted of ‘Thea’ the six-seater dining table set and ‘Hida’ the lounge chair, taking inspiration from the archives of Scandinavian designs.