Discipline Faculty

Robo War

Rohit Prabhakar

Dr Bibhudutta Baral

‘Robo War’ is an action strategy, role playing game (RPG) designed by Rohit, based on
science-fiction and mechanical robots.
With modern high definition bombs, missiles and a never-ending battle, the objective is to save the world from danger. The game involves the battle between corrupted robots, who are trying
to destroy each other.
The theme of the game is World War III which is about to erupt in Russia. With human species in danger, the Russian government asks a scientist to invent
a mechanical beast who can fight against the enemy and also construct other mechanical machines to fight and save the world. However, the enemy steals the beast, which then gets corrupted and kills the enemy who stole it. Due to the malfunction, the mechanical beast is now against all
of humanity and wants to destroy them.
The scientist then makes a mechanical machine to destroy that beast and save
the world from danger.