Discipline Faculty

Sustainable Home Organizers for National Jute Board

Pradnya Ashok Thakur

Amresh Panigrahi

Pradnya worked with the Innovation Centre for Natural Fibre to create sustainable home organizers for the National Jute Board. India
is the largest producer of jute as a raw material, yet jute industries are unable to fully utilize this natural resource. The challenge was to come up with effective design solutions which could help the industry cater to its clients, create awareness about jute and increase the perceived value of the material.

Prototypes were made to give an understanding of the look, feel and aesthetics of the product along with its functions. Different fabric weaving techniques were used to demonstrate various aspects like contraction, expansion, foldability and collapsibility. Swatches mock ups were made using waste jute fabric and cotton canvas. Laundry, magazine, shoe and bag organizers, document cases, hanging shelves and storage boxes were the final products developed by Pradnya. Specification sheets of each of them were documented to help jute industries in mass manufacturing.