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Design and Development of Educational Aids for Kindergarteners

Sanika Sanjeev Surve

Shekhar Bhattacharjee

Flintobox, a start-up pioneering in child development toys, helps in facilitating the ideal way of teaching and provides schools with appropriate curriculum and materials, through a project labelled as FlintoClass-Doodleton. Flinto wanted to expand their services to kindergarten classes, by adding the philosophy of freedom of choice in learning, in extension to their current ideology of interact-explore-solve. Sanika’s brief was to design and implement playful educational activities in the form of ‘choice corners’ for both lower and upper kindergarten classes.

The design process involved development of the choice corners that contained educational aids aligned with the curriculum, for help in learning the concepts of English, Math and Environmental Science. The choice corners included between eight to ten self-teaching and self-correcting products (activities) for all three subjects, giving kids a choice to play and allowing room for exploration. The objective was to facilitate experiential learning instead of the conventional rote learning system.