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Savour: Naturally Lacquered Terracotta Cookware developed with Ambala Artisans for Urban Market

Nikhil K Pushkaran

Swagata S Naidu

To revive traditional crafts, Ambala with its unique character of terracotta and lacquer products seemed like a perfect place to choose for Nikhil. Redesigning terracotta cookware and home accessories to uplift the craft and introduce it in urban kitchens was the main idea behind the project. A detailed study was done to understand various crafts of India, raw material, techniques and market. Interaction with people gave him an insight of food habits and cooking methods which helped him to design better products for users.
The analysis from user and market research assisted in identifying problems while brainstorming and ideation helped in creating new possibilities. Prototyping and user testing gave a deeper understanding of the project. The craft cluster allowed prospective designs of cookware and ranges of terracotta ware based on functionality and production feasibility. The potential of the craft and its manufacturing could create new opportunities for artisans and a sustainable livelihood for the society.