Discipline Faculty

Kids Furniture for Home and Nursery

Divya Ann Varghese

P Rama Krishna Rao

Divya’s graduation project involved designing a set of kids’ furniture for the River Valley One Project. The furniture pieces included were a high chair, a study table and a chair. The high chair was atypically designed in a way that the chair could be pulled towards a normal dining table so that the child could eat with his plate kept on the table. The high chair was given the form of a classy piece of furniture fabricated with teak wood.
The other furniture pieces were for kids’ room which included a study chair and a height-adjustable study table. The theme of the room was ash wood and red color. Keeping this in mind, the chair was designed in a simple yet effective way to accommodate usage for a growing child. The height adjustable table was also fashioned to adjust to another size when
the child grows older.