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Shaped by Fire

Thomas Joseph

Pravinsinh Solanki

The project was initiated at Mayank Exports, Jodhpur for an American home-furnishings company, Restoration Hardware. The primary objective of the project was to make a collection of residential furniture for the European market which could be mass produced and affordable to lower segment customers. Wood and metal were the preferred mediums for exploration. Thomas kick-started the process by understanding the various parameters that decided the direction of design, followed by intensive research and study.
The finalized concept resulted in a collection of handcrafted residential furniture that reinterpreted the past in a contemporary context. The final products where forged in a smithery, hence the name ‘ Shaped by Fire’. The designs were developed from conceptual ideas to a feasible product by incorporating critical feedback and suggestions from the artisans. The collection highlighted the hammering and forging techniques where human hand imperfections added to the value and uniqueness of the product.