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Creating Awareness for Menstrual Hygiene among Rural Women: A Case Study of Virpura Village of Gujarat

Jinal Narendra Doshi

Mihir Bhole

Scanty knowledge, lack of awareness and the social stigma surrounding menstruation and menstrual hygiene have resulted in a vast information gap in rural areas. The project was carried out to explore the knowledge, attitude and practices about menstrual hygiene and the magnitude of perceived reproductive morbidity among adolescent school girls and women in the village of Virpura, Ahmedabad. It was a mission-driven, community-based assignment to support women of the community in creating a strategy for sustainable social change.
Jinal aimed to help individual and collective stakeholders address the vital challenge of creating awareness about menstrual hygiene and sanitary practices, by designing a partnership with all stakeholders such as individual users, Anganwadi, Panchayat and the government. Her strategy identified ways to maximize the impact of existing rural resources like community meetings, amplifying the new Suvidha government scheme and inspiring the agents of change within the community through Mari Sakhi workshop to achieve a greater impact.