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Relwood: Potential Substitute of Wood

Akshay Chandekar

Pravinsinh Solanki

‘RelWood’ is a composite looking to be a futuristic wood substitute for interior and architectural construction, sponsored by Reliance Industries. Akshay explored the material through practice-based research with discoveries of its scope and limitations. He gained insights on commercially viable products that could comply with industry standards. The experiments conducted with the material helped as research findings to build the new product. The challenge was to maintain standards while using the production units unequipped to process Relwood.
The material to be used by vendors within their manufacturing capacities had to function as well as wood. Akshay learnt about the material and created a relevant market for it as a part of the project. The feedback received on the products through trade fairs and client visits was helpful in shaping the next line of products. RelWood as a material can be used for aesthetic applications with an optimum amount of tensile strength.