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Event Branding and Coffee Table Book for Bosch UX Studio

Vidushi Prasad

C S Susanth

The Bosch UX studio, Bengaluru planned to celebrate its fifth anniversary by organizing an event which included workshops, fun activities and an exhibition. Vidushi had to design an all-round branding and communication design for the event, along with a coffee table book which showcased the studio’s journey, both workwise and studio-environment wise. Shealso had to create an interactive space design for the event with installations, wall arts and other creative promotions.
After a lot of iterations and explorations, solution offerings such as communication and promotional collaterals, take-aways, gifts and souvenirs were conceptualized and created. A logo and identity were designed and aligned with the core value of the brand. Design of a coffee table book and the event space was done keeping in mind the theme and concept of the event. Exploring distinct communication styles through the project reinforced Vidushi’s keenness of exploring the sphere of visual communication and branding.