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When Literature Speaks

Sneha Ashok Sarang

Sathyanand Mohan

Modern technology is responsible for the lack of interest in vernacular literature today. Deep attachment to her mother tongue and the love for Gujarati literature inspired Sneha to take up this project. Her focus was to capture portraits of Gujarati writers from all over the state to bring forth their identity. The documentary film is a collective articulation of various writers, who according to Sneha, represent the current and future scenario of Gujarati culture.
The movie attempts to portray the diversity and richness of contemporary Gujarati literature through a dialogue with these important figures. The project also focused on the beauty of Lok Sahitya, Charni Sahitya, Dalit Sahitya, Adivasi Sahitya and Kachchi Sahitya. Sneha aims to take the project out to the wider public to spread awareness about the magnificent literary heritage of Gujarat and to share her learnings from eminent writers, that life can be enjoyed without compromising peace, happiness and love.