Discipline Faculty

2030 Forbes Marshall Process Boilers

Chandan S

Krishnesh Mehta

The project aimed at visualizing ‘2030 Forbes Marshall Process Boiler’ by exploring future scenarios and understanding primary stakeholders while imparting continuous improvement programs in an engineering constrained organization through predictive thinking. Since the project was aimed at a 2030 boiler, current issues were parked as knowledge based and blended with trends of 2030 by random brainstorming, after which different aspects were ideated, clubbed and conceptualized. Research was also carried out at 17 sites across India among various customers.
Based on the high clarity of stakeholder aspirations and future opportunities, ideations were created to enhance efficiency, product interaction, boiler parameters and so forth. The project was carried out unbiased from the boiler division to avoid a manufacturing centric boiler design. The conclusion was to amalgamate an unconventional user centric boiler design to sustain the emerging business of the company while fulfilling user aspirations. The result was executed in the form of ideas, proposals, concepts and mock-ups.