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Shambhala: An Alternate Reality of Transportation

Jaimin Jagdishkumar Makwana

Balaji Rengarajan

The project was a utopian concept named ‘Shambhala’ that dwelled on the idea of automobiles being a 21st century innovation. The concept imagined a world without cars and explored whether climate change would have existed or reduced in the absence of locomotives. Jaimin looked at human and automobile history and its evolution over time. The current automotive culture was researched upon to identify its problems and value-action gap. The outcome of an illustrated fiction with 19 chapters was a result of factors that affect behavior through the sociological study of interaction between individuals to create symbolic worlds and understand how these worlds shape individual behavior.
The perspective of the character ‘Cipher’, reflected on the material culture through frames like a giant burger on wheels, depicting the connection between automotive and fast food culture. Audience in the narration were the chosen ones to go to Shambhala on a thunderbolt vehicle called Vajrayana.