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Decals for Ceramic and Glass Tableware

Tejashwini Sathyanarayana

Neelima Hasija

During her assignment with Mulder India, Tejashwini had to develop a new range of decals using different techniques for their tableware products, to mark the launch of Eff N Bee, a retail brand of the organization. It was to be achieved using Mulder’s decal printing infrastructure and outsourcing whiteware. The sets had to be versatile and unique to the brand. All the concepts developed in the project incorporated the outlook of the target customer base, through user and market research focusing on trends, visual aesthetics and usability.
Each range was developed using different inks and artwork. The Greek set was the most experimental theme of the project, with the reactive ink and texture making it a new technique in the market. The Lippan set introduced the theme of pearl and metal colors to the Indian market. The Floral set revamped and brought a classic Mulder floral to life.