Discipline Faculty

Formula 52

Suraj Kumar Patel

Mohammed Naim

Formula 52’ was conceptualized as a transportation device which would be amphibious as well as capable of being airborne. Suraj’s product proposition was based on a four-wheel drive train of AC induced motor, capable of switching between propeller and tire. The idea was about a flying machine which could target the gap between mobility equipment like bicycles, bikes, cars, choppers and planes in the market. Formula 52, thus was a strategy that could make airplanes for the masses.
A formula is a land vehicle running on at least four non-aligned complete wheels, of which at least two are used for steering and two for propulsion, while a helicopter is a super expensive piece of hardware. By combining the two, a state-of-the-art technology for masses can be created. A super maneuverable, amphibious Quadcopter using delta-winged canard or a similar fuselage, with a V-twin or rotary powerplant using alternating current induced powertrain could successfully meet such requirements.