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Designing for Circular Economy in Preethi Kitchen Appliances

Palash Vinod Ghawde

Praveen Nahar

The project outlined the measures to adopt a process to bring a change from the current linear economy towards a circular economy. Through his assignment with Philips Design, Palash explored circular economy opportunities for Preethi Kitchen Appliances’ range of mixer grinders. The design process included study of circular economy examples and the client’s product creation process, followed by co-creation workshops to come up with circular economy interventions at product, service and system levels.
Concepts based on resource efficiency, new business models and systemic interventions were explored. A concept future circular mixer grinder ‘Cipher’ and its ecosystem was outlined based on strong understanding of the user and the system, constituting quick wins and long-term solutions. The co-creation led circular transition framework, focused on enabling employee understanding through workshops, which was critical for the implementation of circularity within the organization. The project is also a Circular Economy Innovation Project under the Schmidt MacArthur Fellowship.