Discipline Faculty

Prakrut: A Collection of Handwoven Banarasi

Isha Manchanda

Shafique Afzal

For the project, Isha worked for the brand Ekaya Banaras to experience the handloom jacquard industry and the process of designing women’s clothing. The exposure taught her how a brand, company and industry work in tandem. Her research focused on consumer, competition and understanding ‘The Ekaya Woman’ through her lifestyle, behavior, expectations and needs from the brand. Working with nakshabandhas, weavers and other karigars, with years of experience in their respective fields was elevating and fulfilling.

The whole process of developing fabric from an artwork, was a journey of learning and experience for Isha. Jacquard is a complex woven fabric and creating its weaves, deciding yarns and understanding coloring of a sample, is a job that takes years to master. The opportunity of directly learning from the master craftsmen increased her confidence and strengthened her way of expression. Apart from work, staying and working in Varanasi was an enriching experience for her.