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Chasing Colours

Kshitiz Sharma

Suvani Suri

Asthmatic children are often not motivated to go outdoors and do physical exercise. The project undertaken with Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences aimed to prevent such tendency amongst children with the creation of a smart colour displaying bracelet connected to a native app. As a part of his research, Kshitiz studied various behavioral drivers and motivation levels for related gamification theories to understand children’s responses.
The outcome, ‘Chasing Colours’, comprised of physical movement activating colours on a smart hand wearable device with a companion app to add secondary meaning to the colours from the VIBGYOR spectrum. The device acted like a fantasy landscape for a delightful interaction between the physical and colourful worlds and could become a part of a child’s everyday life by adding meaning, awareness and richness to the surroundings. Sounds from nature were also added to the device, which enables parents and therapists to also participate.