Discipline Faculty

There was Water

Priyanka Kumari

Rishi Singhal

Bellandur Lake in Bengaluru covers an area of about 797 acres today, which once was more than 1000 acres. Froth, foam and fire are entrenched in its water. The lake periodically catches fire and contaminates the air. The situation has arisen due to the release of city wastes like untreated industrial chemical effluents, household garbage discharges and the like. Sadly, Bellandur lake has been reduced to a sewage pit for the city.
The objective of the project was to decipher the history of the lake from prehistoric times to the present, demonstrating how the local topography, climate and ecology have shaped; and continue to influence, the form and structure of the elements of the lake and urban settlements around it, over a period of several millennia. Priyanka’s aim was to bring a sense of contrast between the past and future through her year long journey along the banks of the lake.