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The Day I touched the Sky and other Stories: Journey of a Book

Sheetal Jagtap

Jagadish Kumar

The inspiration behind Sheetal’s project was to cultivate an active reading and learning culture through storytelling. It was an attempt at being didactic and teaching life lessons to children in an engaging, inclusive and ideal way. The project was a publication design, which included writing, illustrations and book design. The stories were based on value education after researching and identifying opportunities for imparting moral education in the young generation of today.
Background research included the study of communication, storytelling, story elements, didacticism in stories, types and genres of literature, problems in kids’ literature, modern mythology, parenthood and child psychology. The project then proceeded to writing, creation of illustrations and cover design, typography and layout followed by compilation, publication and promotion of the final book. The author feels there are innumerable problems in the world today, which have roots in the failure of childhood nurturing and education. The book is her small contribution towards that direction.