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Equalance: A Work-Life Balance Game

Amardeep Dhilon Singh

Dr Bibhudutta Baral

As more and more companies embrace the technological age and move into globalization, achieving a work-life balance is the new ideal for employees. Through his project, Amardeep explored if a game could give the player a better understanding of work-life balance resulting in the design of ‘Equalance’, a work-life balance game. It is a game-based learning experience, which simulates real life scenarios to help players understand the trade-offs between personal, professional, financial and social wellbeing by managing trade-offs between
time and money.
It uses the concept of IKIGAI to analyse one’s life from a broader perspective.
The game helps participants understand their individual balance and constructs their personal reality. Players are also exposed to various financial instruments such as insurance, mutual funds and shares in a fun and engaging manner. While managing personal, professional and social wellbeing, the players take decisions to improve their standard of living and financial security.