Discipline Faculty

Learning Negotiation Through Digital Games

Eashwar Unnikrishnan .A

Dr Bibhudutta Baral

During his project with Processbee Technologies, Eashwar aimed to find ways through which serious subjects of business studies such as negotiation, time management and work-life balance, could be taught to business students and professionals through well-crafted digital games. Serious games are a different domain, where the focus is to make users understand a task or an activity they find difficult to learn, through fun, smart and interactive games.
The initial phase involved study of existing serious games and understanding the purpose of negotiation games, which make users cognizant of the basics such as different types of negotiations and tactics. The second phase consisted of narrowing down pain points and focusing on multiple solutions that could cater to the target audience. Different themes of games were also studied. A key learning was that, those games which excited collaboration and pushed players towards more winning conditions, made them learn better tactics and become more experienced negotiators.