Discipline Faculty

HMT Heritage Centre and Museum

Ruchita Rajan

C S Susanth

As part of her graduation project, Ruchita had to work with the HMT Heritage Centre and Museum, Bengaluru, to revive the past glory of HMT and showcase its contribution to the nation through its B2B business in machinesand equipment, machine tools manufacturing and consumer goods like watches and bulbs.
The assignment began with understanding
the HMT brand since its inception, along with its multifaceted range of products, services and global collaborations. Exhibit collections were gathered from both the working and shut down units around the country.
The next phase focused on reworking the aims, objectives and holistic narrative of the museum. It also included creating a logo for the museum and an experience board that incorporated the theme, material and color for space. A visual language for the museum was created which was devoid of excessive technological intervention and aimed at creating a nostalgic experience of the yesteryears.