Discipline Faculty

Promotional Strategy Website Design

Himani Bagai

Jagadish Kumar

The project was to design a promotional website for its users to download ’Millionhere’ by giving them a glimpse of the app. Millionhere is a mobile brain-gaming platform where one can play against real people and win cash and prizes. Himani identified the target audience, games, websites with excellent UI/UX and functionality on different screens to achieve the same. She developed a strategy, an app and the website. She also researched user behavior strategies for promotion on both offline and online platforms.

She studied different websites, wireframes, information flow, link structure and design restrictions before developing the website. Since Millionhere deals with money exchange, a responsive, fair play and safety page was included to ensure ethical guidelines. Modules like the design process, its management and emerging scenarios helped her oversee the project minutely. Himani realized that her responsibility was not only to make an attractive website but also to understand the need and target market.