Discipline Faculty

Reimagining the Experience for Group Conversation and Collaboration in Skype Lite

Atul Kumar

Chakradhar Saswade

Microsoft launched Skype Lite, a lightweight version of the globally popular communication tool Skype, in India in February 2017. The idea of launching Skype Lite in India and eventually to other emerging markets, was to support the ongoing digital transformation in South-East Asia and help people remotely connect even to an unreliable internet connections.
Atul’s responsibilities were to enhance the user experience specially for group communication and collaboration, as it was meant to target organic growth of a new player in the already saturated space of communication and messenger platforms. The goal was to focus on user engagement and provide unique experiences. As part of the MS Office and Skype Lite team, Atul was involved in the daily scrums, design reviews, feedback and brainstorming sessions for the design process. The result of which were a set of deliverables of features, experiences and new interaction sets, which could be used in enhancing and augmenting the conversations, with respect to both productivity and novelty engagements.