Discipline Faculty

Travel Experience for Bing

Ananth Pai

Chakradhar Saswade

For several ages, humans have looked at travel as a means of recreation. Microsoft Bing began to transcend the traditional definition of a search engine, which now serves as a knowledge engine that can provide the user with an intelligent, context-aware answers to what the user needs. With the brand marking itself as an important player in the travel planning phase of the whole process, Ananth’s brief was to design a unified leisure travel experience for Bing, that enabled users to deep dive into all possible travel intents.
The objective was to identify and address a need which no other competitor was fulfilling and to design a travel experience that would give the user what they wanted before they even realized that they wanted it. This required rethinking the paradigms of travel interfaces. The project involved understanding the travel preferences, motivation, financials and desires of the users. The design process included various iterations and explorations to find the optimal solution.