Discipline Faculty

Furniture for Urban Apartment Balconies

Balaji Natarajan

P Rama Krishna Rao

The project and the company Pyramidion Designs, started together with the aim to design a furniture range for urban apartment balconies. Currently focusing on the Bengaluru market, Balaji started the research with a detailed analysis of apartment balcony space for its architectural implications, opportunities and hindrances. A study on the potential user group, planned activities, materials and processes, furniture types and external finishes was also conducted for idea execution.
Careful spending being a start-up, limited the purchase of appropriate machinery and this further resulted in the challenge to achieve the desired concept designs. The manufacturing constraints were solved by using jigs and fixtures which was an exciting process. After finalizing the concepts, prototypes were tested. The hypothesis received positive feedback from the clients. Working in a start-up expanded Balaji’s role from designing to project management, human resource management, vendor management, procurement and client interaction.