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Mastery System for FarmVille 2

Gourab Chatterjee

Dr Bibhudutta Baral

The project involved design and development of a Point and Click adventure game, about a small girl who befriends a lion and begins to understand that she has a special connection with the jungle. With this connection she befriends all the animals, stands up against
the tyranny of the Asura tribe and defeats them.
The game was made in the Unity Engine using the Playmaker plugin. It can be played only through the mouse.
It is an exploration game, where the player must interact with the environment and solve puzzles to progress further. The main character was created as a representation of Goddess Durga. While researching her origins, Gourab found references that she was a warrior goddess living in the jungle. The location of the game was placed in
the middle-east of ancient India, with
a mountainous terrain covered by a vast thick jungle. The art style was inspired by the water colors of Bengal.