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Decorative Architectural Glass for Interior Spaces

Radhika Shashikant Joshi

Neelima Hasija

Today, glass has become an essential material for the exterior as well as interior of modern buildings. As a construction material it is traditional yet
evolving. The context of the project was architectural decorative glass, particularly glass wall claddings, partitions and glass statement ceilings that are designed using kiln formed techniques. The project explored the possibilities of replacing the slumping method generally used on a small scale by glass artists into the domain of large-scale architectural glass.

A few international glass design firms have achieved remarkable designs using kiln formed techniques in the industry. However, mass production of architectural decorative glass using similar techniques is new and unexplored in India. The aim was not only to understand kiln forming but also to be able to replicate them for mass production. Radhika attempted to create glass surfaces that were transparent enough to allow sunlight to penetrate spaces while providing sufficient privacy.