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Designing a Fun and Engaging Virtual Assistant for Walmart’s Customers

Somesh Nanda

Dr Bibhudutta Baral

The premise of Somesh’s project was to explore and innovate in the areas of chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, virtual assistants and conversational experiences. The goal of the project was to carry out in-depth research of the domain and then apply the design process to conceptualize a fun, engaging and delightful virtual-assistant driven shopping experience for the customers of Walmart.

Somesh followed the classic design process starting from research, exploration, ideation, prototyping and iteration to the design of final hi-fidelity interactive prototypes. In doing so, ‘Spark’ was conceptualized as a virtual assistant, that could help Walmart customers with some of their most frequent needs. Spark is a friendly and optimistic virtual assistant coupled with Walmart’s mobile application, that aids its customers with different stages of their shopping experience, in a fun and engaging way. Spark carries out scripted conversations with Walmart’s customers and assists them with product recommendations, order updates, return and exchanges, item cancellations and purchase reviews.