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Interactive Planters for TCA (CUMI) using Industrial Ceramics and Terracotta

Priyanka Rajendra Kotwal

Neelima Hasija

During her graduation project, Priyanka aimed to transform CUMI’s existing industrial ceramic products and design a new range of indoor interactive planters for their retail brand ‘Esns’. The design brief gave her the freedom to experiment with materials like glass, concrete, glazed ceramics, terracotta and wood. The project was not only about designing or developing forms but also to search for a suitable material that could be incorporated with ceramic and to find an appropriate manufacturer for the same.
Priyanka experienced two different scenarios during the project, first with artisans on handmade products and then with industrial manufacturing for machine made products. Her key challenge was to harmoniously integrate the two materials - handmade terracotta and machine-made alumina ceramic. The conclusion was to make the system stand out from the rest by providing various design directions and creative solutions to the existing technical outcomes of the company.