Discipline Faculty

Education through Games

Raisa Elizabeth Bastian

Dr Bibhudutta Baral

During her assignment at Byju’s, Raisa had to design an educational app for kids between the ages of three and eight, for teaching curriculum through games. Being India’s leading education app, many levels of empathy with teaching have already been achieved. However, the age group for the project was yet unexplored.
The present education system has strict rules with competition and ranking. The new app
tackled these issues by adding games, storytelling, video demonstrations and rewards to the curriculum.
A collaboration with The Walt Disney Company helped blur the line between work and play, as young children are not easy
to connect with, on an education basis.
The narratives used, kept the app connected, fun and lively. Different approaches were taken for all grades as the cognitive senses for each age groups were different, as observed in research. Rewards were in the form of an aspirational collection system tied in with free play.