Discipline Faculty

Stilista: Making Fashion Technology Intelligent

Shweta Yadav

Nijoo Dubey

Fashion tech-intelligence Stilista is SAP Lab's innovative idea that brings in a digital stylist at users’ disposal, which can suggest personalized options based on user profiling, their digital wardrobe, body type, purchase patterns and social behavior. It is a style recommendation and suggestion engine, crunching data of inventory, sales, CRM data and unstructured trend data. It also helps retail brands to take strategic informed decisions on planning, replenishment and marketing strategies. Brands have access to real time customer behavior and available inventory, helping them to build a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Shweta’s project responsibilities ranged from understanding the shoppers and retailers to SAP retail solutions. An iterative design process
was followed, wherein outputs were constantly improved based on user feedback and their suggestions and finally tested to find what was required by the user. The final mock-ups were a result of extensive research, conceptualization, design thinking workshops, iterations and feedback from users and mentors.