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Haute Voiture: The Genesis of a Superluxury Car

Deepak Srinivas Mondal

Vipul Vinzuda

The project aimed to design a contemporary luxury car, targeted for production in two years for Aspen Bower. The electric car would target wealthy Indians as the concept is still a niche in the country. Except Tesla, every electric startup is biting the dust because of the challenges a dynamic automotive environment faces. India is a higher hill to climb because the infrastructure is a bottleneck, along with policies and a disinclination towards adopting newer technologies.
Deepak designed the product keeping the person at the core of the product in mind. Every design decision was taken in a way that the person’s experience of interacting with the product had a positive impact. He identified the target users for the segment and understood their needs. He also studied the competition and drew inferences and insights to deploy them further into the design. Deepak gained a sense of broadness with regards to the approach to a problem.