Discipline Faculty

Swiggy Advertisement Films

Sidhant Bhasin

Shrinkhala Aren

Each day brings forth a new explosion of advertisements. With so much content out there, it is not surprising that most of it gets ignored. An ad needs to be really special to capture the viewer’s attention and emotions. For his degree project, Sidhant chose to use the Swiggy brand to make an advertisement campaign.
Swiggy is a food delivery app that offers interesting features and is predominantly used by the youth. Being relatively new, Swiggy’s brand guidelines have not yet been set in stone and this helped in the ideation of witty, engaging, out of the box concepts. Sidhant used humor in the advertisements for the intended target audience to relate to. The key learnings from the project were understanding the importance of planning every single detail before shooting and exploring new and clever ways of editing films. He believes the project has truly enriched his perspective and creative outlook at cinema.