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Redesigning the Experience of Audit Request Management Tool


Jagriti P Galphade

The objective of the project with Capital One was to study the existing audit request tool, map the problems and redesign the tool to suit user needs by giving a seamless experience through navigation and required information. Shikha took user feedback, the mobile version of the design and new features of similar tools as a part of her research. Problems in the existing tool and journey of the user were identified before conceptualizing the wireframing, mock-ups and prototypes.
The research helped her in understanding how tech-savvy the audience were and how important it was for them to see data in real time. She also learnt how the ecosystem worked, and identified other players and gaps to be addressed with a design intervention. Shikha’s revised tool aided decision-making for the product as well as the medium on which the solution was built. The final output delivered at the completion of the project was information architecture for Capital One.