Discipline Faculty

Designing Business Analytics on Android Platform

Tanvi Nitin Baste

Dr Bibhudutta Baral

The project’s aim was to design an enterprise tool for business users to track, monitor and take actions on the line of business. It forms the brain of every large business and is used to manage data, processes and resources used by millions of people worldwide across services, products and industries. It also provides software for business needs including Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning, CMS and CRM.

Tanvi was part of the Business Intelligence and Analytics team which primarily worked towards building a suite of enterprise products from SAP’s Business Intelligence platform known as SAP Business Objects. The project explored and endeavored to design an enhanced mobile experience for business users to enable them to make swift commercial decisions through meaningful insights gained from reports and data powered by SAP. Tanvi ensured that the product users could run their business successfully through business analytics.